Newtone Films is a video production agency based in the South of France. We are a team of young professionals, with a true passion for storytelling. Video content has become a pillar in day-to-day life, from entertainment to information and marketing. From producing to editing, we are a fully family run agency! Come and meet the team.


I’ve been making videos ever since I was a teenager. Filmmaking has always been a passion of mine. I’m constantly looking for new ways to innovate your videos and make them stand out. My ultimate goal is to make you and your audience feel something. Excitement, happiness, something unforgettable.


Creativity is something I’ve always been drawn to, I can’t imagine my life without it! What I love the most is telling a story in the most unusual and creative way possible, through the magic of video. I’m truly passionate about people, stories and creating an emotional connection.


I have always loved anything to do with design. I used to spend hours looking at fashion magazines, mesmerized by the layout and the colours, more so than the actual content. I studied fashion but found myself more interested in marketing the collections than designing them! Working with Newtone allows me to explore all of my passions. From marketing, to designing and writing.


For years, I struggled to find my calling. Until one day, I stumbled upon the TV industry when I was just 17. I completely fell in love with the idea of creating something out of nothing. In the hopes of inspiring people, reminding people of the power of creativity.